The Bixa Crop Supply Chain

The company has a big bixa plantation in Shimoni which caters for some of its bixa seeds requirements. However, this supply is insufficient to meet demand and the company buys (directly and through appointed agents) from farmers to meet its demand. Kenya Bixa Limited is currently working closely with farmers to increase crop production so as to service the growing demand.

In the early 90s prices of Bixa seeds had gone very low and the farmers stated cutting down the Bixa trees and planting other crops. When Kenya Bixa took over the buying of the crop, the company organized meeting with the farmers, started preparation of Bixa seedlings which were issued to farmers free of charge. The prices also went up and the farmers were once again happy and more Bixa was planted.

The company still continues to work with the farmers to date, by providing free seedlings, training on the crop husbandry and encouraging new farmers to grow Bixa in areas where it has never been planted but are suitable for the crop. The company has also encouraged farmers to form farmers groups that can work together to collect their produce and sale directly to us to avoid exploitation by the middlemen.

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