Alternative Energy Projects

1. Bio-diesel- Jatropha Curcus

Kenya Bixa Limited is soon going full-fledge clean fuels. Watch this space for new developments in the fuel industry.

200 acres have been earmarked for the crop with about 85 acres already under the Jatropha - a plant used in the production of bio-fuels

Oil Extraction Trials

We have started trials on small scale in collaboration with WWF, ICIPE, UNDP and local community on Jatropha oil extraction. 1st Trial yielded about 13% oil (400 ml oil from 3 Kgs of Jatropha seeds. 2nd Trial yielded about 36% oil (1.1 litres from 3 Kgs of Jatropha. The oil was sent to UNDP for further testing .

The extractor donated by ICIPE to the community is for home extraction and therefore very small. Thus used for testing purposes only.

Information on commercialization is very scanty

2. Biogas – waste seeds into energy

The project will convert the waste seeds from bixa processing into biogas. The project proposal has been submitted to NEMA (National Environmental Management Authority) for approval.

The objective of the project is to substitute fuel for biogas in our dryers.